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A quiet book is a sensory toy for children to help practice their fine motor skills and cognitive skills, shapes and colours identification, develop behaviour and mental logic, as well as increase imagination and creativity.

This mini Animal Book consists of 8 pages of fun activities (+ 2 covers) and comes with 5 cute animal finger puppets. Every part is handmade and carefully hand stitched or glued.

This book is purposely designed for parents to play WITH their young children. It is full of sensory activities that can be useful for your little ones to practice their fine motor skills (with your company), or simply use your imagination with the finger puppets when playing with your little ones. Either way, this book will bring a lovely time for the whole family.

We strongly recommend your company when playing with the animal book, as it was intentionally made for playing together with your little ones.

Front cover : a cute owl with ‘Animal book’ written

Page 1 : a giraffe shape photo frame (add a photo of your little ones to make it more personal)

Page 2 : a bee hive and a small bee (the small bee is attached with a string, so it can be moved around)

Page 3 : what’s in the sea? (A starfish, octopus and fish, attached with velcro at the back)

Page 4 : slide the whale and the crab (to practice child’s fine motor skills)

Page 5 & 6 : what’s in the barn? You can put the finger puppets (fit 2 finger puppets) or the chicken and duck in the barn. A tree and a small owl hiding on the tree comes with a string, so it can be moved around.

Page 7 & 8 : the animal train (put the finger puppet in the train, create your own story and have fun!)

Back cover : a cute lady bug

Each of our quiet book comes in a cute colourful drawstring bag. Bag size : 27 cm x 33 cm (10.63 inches x 12.99 inches).


Measurement : 15 cm x 15 cm (5.91 inches x 5.91 inches)

Material: 100 % felt, beads, buttons, velcro, fabric strings, polyester toy stuffing


This book is IN STOCK an it is ready to be shipped.


***Warning : This book has some small parts that are NOT suitable for children UNDER THE AGE OF 3 due to choking hazard, always use parents supervision when playing with our products**


• Each handwork is unique and slight variations in colour and accessories are possible.
• Colours may vary from those shown due to the individual monitor colour settings.



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